Board of Directors

President:  Robert Scherrer

Vice President: Rita Smith, pro-temp

Treasurer:   Laurie Carter

Secretary:  Bette Lu Krause

Membership:  Rita Smith

Volunteers: vacant

Publicity:  Melissa Goldberg

Members at Large:   Joe Paliani, Rose Power, & Bill Clark

Facebook administrator (Non-Board position): Karl Johnson

Webmaster (Non-Board position):  Karl Johnson and Rita Smith

Peninsula Players is committed to bringing quality, community theater to the Long Beach Peninsula of Washington State. We endeavor to:
a.  Produce theatrical productions for the entertainment and cultural development of the community.
b.  Offer a comprehensive performing arts program which provides ongoing training to those individuals seriously interested in the theater arts for meaningful recreational purposes.
c. Provide a vehicle for artistic expression in the theater arts for meaningful recreational purposes.
d. Provide a vehicle for social interaction and intellectual and emotional growth.


Board Meetings are the second  Monday at 6:10 pm at the playhouse. All members are welcome, and encouraged to attend!